Readme first: my welcome..

Dear hockey readers,
first of all I wish to welcome you to my site.
As many of you I love this game and I am use to navigate the web looking for hockey related resources. In the past we had to wait months for watching a VHS of the main important competitions, now all changed and we are lucky to have the opportunity to access information in real time.
There are really a lot of them available on the web, thanks to the International Federation, other institutional related organizations and local sites.
A huge example of video resources and news is the young but marvellous Eurohockey League, born in 2007 in Europe. I think hockey had never been watched in the way EHL is presenting us.
Watching hockey videos is what each player, coach, umpire really needs in order to improve knowledge and skills. This is the reason why I founded this site on video resources freely available on the web. What I really want is to share with you the time I spent on the web looking for hockey videos and other related resources. Each video preview that you’ll find in this site is just linked to the resource available on the original site, what I do is to add details, categorizing and tagging it in order to help you in searching in the more efficient way what you are interested in.
Everyone can help me in collecting video resources from the web, just send me an mail.

I wish you all the best, not only in hockey,



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  • 1. Martin Olsen  |  22/09/2009 at 11:12

    Nice work , you can see much more german hockey at

    regards Martin


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